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Basic Obedience: Loose Leash Walking ONLINE

Duration 7 Classes
Dog Ages Over 6 Months

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TK-9's Basic Obedience Online Curriculum is perfect for dogs 6 months and older and their owners. This class will equip owners with the skills necessary to use their leash as a communication tool.  As well as provide owners with a deeper understanding of their canine companions by placing emphasis on how dogs learn and the importance of a balanced owner-dog relationship. That is just the beginning as this 7-week course takes owner and dog on a journey where the owner gains an understanding of how relationship, obedience, and behavior inter-relate and how to utilize each to help his/her dog reach its highest potential.

Imagine using your leash to communicate rather than to restrain. This class focuses on the skills needed by both owner and dog to develop an effortless loose leash walk under distraction as well as a sit and down.

Cost: $245

Total sessions: 7

Please call to sign up 410-461-3647 or register below.

Payment in full is due at time of registration along with new client paperwork and current vaccine record.

Access New Client Paperwork Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aomvphR-TCsImPcM1HDq7C_2lBfV_ulG/view?usp=sharing

**Please note this is a completely online course with no in person sessions

** We are aware of the automatically generated email from this website. It is not acurate, you should follow the instructions on the email from customercare@teclask9academy.com

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