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Doggie Bootcamps - Elkridge MD

Board & Train Programs

TK-9 offers a variety of Board & Train options to fit the needs of you and your dog! Board & Train Programs are a unique in-kennel training experience that provide a way for owners to get their dog the training it needs, while still keeping pace with their own schedules and obligations. We tailor a program specifically for you and your dog by working 1-on-1 to determine the skills you would like your dog to learn / the main challenges you have with your dog. During their stay with us, our trainers will work closely with your dog every single day to reach the goals you’ve set together. While the Board & Train itself takes place at our facility for the entire duration recommended by the trainer, it will include follow-up classes / lessons to guide and teach you how to implement all the new things your dog has learned. Every dog that stays with us for a Board & Train has full access to all of our amazing boarding features & amenities. For more information on this, please visit our ‘Boarding Experience’ link!

Obedience Board & Train: 2 Week Leash Manners + 3 Week Off-Leash

TK-9’s 2 and 3 week Board & Train programs focus heavily on teaching and maintaining basic obedience skills in a high distraction area filled with new dogs, people, sounds & smells. During their stay we work on perfecting loose leash walking and overall leash control / manners, and commands such as sit, down and place. While our two week option does begin to imprint on recall, it does not guarantee an accurate off leash response to recall like our three week Board & Train option does. One of the best gifts you can give your dog is off leash freedom, and that is the biggest bonus you will receive by choosing the 3 week option. By utilizing the proper training elements, we are able to provide our clients and their dogs with the tools to achieve that amazing freedom. Ultimately, our goal is to send you home with a happier, more well-behaved dog than you walked in with!

Behavioral Board & Train Programs

TK-9 offers Behavioral Board & Train Programs specifically for dogs who struggle with extreme reactivity and aggression concerns. Our program is designed to focus on the core problems of each individual dog, and address each problem systematically. Unlike many programs that simply suppress a dog’s unwanted behavior, TK-9 uses Behavior Modification to bring adrenaline levels down so the dog can think clearly, which ultimately teaches the dog to make better choices on their own. After the initial evaluation, the trainer will write a detailed plan specific to you and your dog. For more information on the techniques used during a Behavioral Board & Train, please visit our ‘Behavior Modification’ link!

Potty Training Board & Train

TK-9 has developed a Potty Training Board & Train to help house train puppies in a structured environment. This is a 4-week program that builds clean crate habits, clean house habits and a potty on leash command.  For more information on Puppy Training, please visit our ‘Everything Puppy’ link!

Puppy Board & Train Programs

Puppy Board & Train Programs are designed for dogs under 6 months old, and focus on imprinting skills and behaviors for 1, 2, 3 and 4 week durations. By boarding with us for the duration of their training, we are able to implement a steady routine and focus daily on the desired skill set. When they aren’t training one-on-one, they will have full access to our puppy daycare room with other dogs under 1 year old. Depending on the length of the Board & Train, puppies will be imprinted with the following behaviors: Sit, Down, Loose Leash Walking, Watch Me, Sit and Down for Duration, Sit and Down with Distraction, Place and Come When Called. To get started, we have to schedule a meet the trainer session where goals, duration, and cost will be determined. 

To sign up for any of our available Board & Train programs please call our office at (410) 461-DOGS (3647) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.