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Group Classes - TK9 Dog Training, Boarding & Day Care - Elkridge MD

Group Classes

TK-9 offers a wide variety of group classes to meet all of our client's needs. Each class was specifically designed to emphasize the importance of a balanced relationship and clear communication between you and your dog. Taking a group class at TK-9 allows the opportunity to work under the distraction of a group class. While our NEW online classes allow you to train in the confort of your own enviornment and access to recorded class sessions.44

Purely Positive Puppy Class 

Purely Positive Puppy Class Online - NEW!

It is imperative to provide puppies with the proper experiences to become well-rounded, social beings. Equally important is equipping owners with the skills necessary to relate and communicate with their puppies. Our puppy class emphasizes owner education while also providing a solid foundation of basic skills. Some of the skills taught include sit, down, come when called, place, loose leash walking, and watch me. In addition to this, topics such as potty training, mouthing, jumping, chewing, and proper nutrition are covered. The most important thing that we teach in our puppy class is the importance of the relationship between puppy and owner. Understanding how canines learn and having a system of clear communication in place is just the first step to an incredible journey with your puppy. We offer online and in person Purely Positive Puppy Classes. 

Basic Obedience Class

Basic Obedience Class Online - NEW!

TK-9's Basic Obedience 1 class is a great option for clients who are looking to build their dog's obedience skills. Whether you just finished up our Purely Positive Puppy class and are ready to take the next step or your older pup needs some fine tuning, Basic Obedience 1 has got you covered. This class focuses heavily on loose leash walking and beginning to use the leash to communicate with your dog rather than to restrain. By the end, you and your dog will have developed an effortless loose leash walk and a firm sit & down all while under distraction. However, that is just the beginning of what this course touches on. By placing emphasis on how dogs learn and the importance of a balanced owner-dog relationship, we are able to provide clients with a deeper understanding of how communication, obedience and behavior interrelate. Utilizing each of these factors as one is what aids us in teaching you how to help your dog reach their highest potential!  We offer online and in person Basic Obedience classes.

11Intermediate Obedience Class

Intermediate Obedience Class Online - NEW!

TK9's Basic Obedience 2 course is the perfect sequel to Basic 1. While continuing to improve on and maintain the foundation you've already gained, Basic 2 will add skills such as a reflexive sit and down, come when called, go to place and improved focus work through a “watch me” cue. All of this is accomplished by continuing on a journey where relationship, obedience, and behavior are at the forefront of training. 

Intro to Nosework

Looking for something fun to do with your dog? Your dog's nose knows just where to go - TK9's Intro to Nosework course! Nosework is an activity and dogsport that was inspired by the real life model of working detection dogs. This class was created to provide an opportunity for pets to have an outlet that stimulates their mind by allowing them to engage with their natural hunting and scenting abilities. In class, dogs will be taught to use their nose to locate a target scent odor! When developed properly, this skill can help build confidence, reduce environmental sensitivity and provide both mental and physical exercise. In addition to this, Nosework fully encompasses our belief that most dogs will thrive when given a job, which ultimately results in a much stronger relationship between you and your dog.


Rally is a dogsport that anyone can do! By working toward advancing obedience skills in an environment with total focus on fun, we are able to provide an exciting learning experience for both the dog and the handler. In Rally 1, dog and handler teams are taught to follow an obstacle course while performing the obedience exercises that are indicated by 10-20 consecutive signs. There is a huge emphasis on praise in Rally, meaning handlers are encouraged to talk to their dog and cheer them on all the way to the finish line! By teaching your dog fine-tuned obedience commands, you will not only engage him mentally, but physically as well. Perhaps the biggest benefit we have seen is how much Rally allows the relationship between dogs and owners to grow, deepen and reach levels that they never even dreamed they could achieve! 

Agility (Basic / Intermediate / Advanced)

Agility is a wonderful dogsport that teaches a variety of skills to take your dog through a course. The courses include different obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, chute, weave poles and many more. Whether you're looking to give your active dog a fun outlet to exercise / challenge his mind and body, or just want to strengthen your bond, Agility checks off all of the boxes. Once you've mastered all the skills in Basic Agility you can move up to our Intermediate / Advanced Agility classes! TK9's Agility courses provide clients with the skills needed to compete at trials if they are interested, but it is never a requirement. Our only requirement is to have fun and enjoy taking the class with your pup!